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Arc Flash is the result of rapid release of energy due to an arching fault between a phase bus bar another phase bus bar, neutral or a ground. The arc flash hazard analysis study is conducted by an electrical engineer skilled in performing and interpreting power system studies. Study data for Arc Flash Hazard Analysis can come from many sources, such as present and future utility feeds, or motors and generators.

To perform an arc flash hazard analysis, data is collected about the facility's power distribution systems. The data includes the arrangement of components on a one-line drawing with nameplate specifications of every device. Also required are details of the lengths and cross section area of all cables. The utility should be contacted for information including the minimum and maximum fault currents that can be expected at the entrance to the facility. Once the data has been collected, a short circuit analysis followed by a coordination study should be performed. The resultant data can then be fed into the equations described by either NFPA 70E-2000 or IEEE Standard 1584-2002. These equations will produce the necessary flash protection boundary distances and incident energy to determine the minimum PPE requirement.